Is The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Out For The Count?

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Samsung didn’t leave the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 out when it came to security updates and today there are many people who still hang onto the handset. While it is getting old it does offer up specs that are great.

If you want a good deal you might want to check the pre-owned program that Samsung are offering. They are offering up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and you can get it for just $250. Bear in mind that the device will be locked to a carrier and official support is limited.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can only go up to Android Lollipop. Of course developers do show love for the handset and they have launched custom ROMs.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers up the screen-off memo pad so that you can take notes even when the display is off. If you are in the market for a bargain and you don’t mind owning an older handset then the Note 3 may be a great choice.