Is The HTC One M10 ‘Perfume’ Going To Smell Bad?

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HTC has had quite a patchy journey in the last few years and they are hoping that 2016 is going to be much better for them. They are hoping that the HTC One M10 (codenamed ‘Perfume’) is going to give them a total turnover in sales figures, but even so the company said that even if it is a failure, they are not going anywhere. So does it matter if the device fails or not?

It seems that the company doesn’t really care whether the HTC One M10 is a success or not as it isn’t going to make much difference. HTC have been working on mid-range phones along with virtual reality devices and it is these that have driven the sales.

Still all eyes are now on the HTC One M10 and people are wondering if the handset is going to be another failure or a success for the company.

What do you think; will the HTC One M10 follow on in the footsteps of the HTC One M9? Or would another failure wouldn’t even matter to the company at all?

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