Is The Google Nexus 6P A Problem Device Or Purely Unlucky

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There is no doubt that the Google Nexus 6P is a superb device but it’s not all good as some owners have been reporting issues. So is it a problem handset to stay away from or are some owners just purely unlucky?

There are some owners of the Google Nexus 6P that have said that their device goes into landscape mode by its own and that they have to restart it if they want to get it back to portrait.

Another issue with the Google Nexus 6P is that the device locks up when users are taking a call. It has also been said that the sensors on the touchscreen don’t work properly and this led to some owners taking back their device as this was a hardware issues.

There are many owners who haven’t reported any issues, but what about you, do you have the Google Nexus 6P and have you had issues with the device?

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  1. Amir

    April 19, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    i have had 3 from google fi and they are all garbage. its always searching for signal and has horrible voice quality.