Is The Chevrolet SS Going To Live Happily Ever After?

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There really isn’t a great deal to dislike about the Chevrolet SS as it is a powerful vehicle that comes with superb styling. However while there is a lot of good about it, it hasn’t been selling to well and now GM have decided that it is time for it to retire.

The Chevrolet SS is going to reach the end of its life span next year and before its death it is going to receive a final upgrade. This means that it is going to be equipped with all the add-on packages that came as standard since the vehicle first came out. It looks like GM want to salvage as much as they can by way of sales before they kill it off.

We have been hearing rumors that the Chevrolet SS could make an entrance with a lot more than just new gadgets though and it could have a happy ending. It has been said that the vehicle is going to come with the V8 6.2 litre LSA engine, which would make the vehicle a true beast.

At the moment we don’t have confirmation about this so you are going to have to take it with a pinch of salt. However we cannot imagine how the vehicle is going to perform with the V8 unit and the 10 speed automatic gearing.

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