Is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge A Purchase You Regret?

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Recently the question came up as to whether the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was worth purchasing over the regular version of the S7. So have you bought the S7 Edge and do you regret doing so?

There are some people who bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and then found that the handset is on the large side.

One of the biggest differences between the standards version and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is that it has an edge of course. This is what has made the device stand out above the S7 but then some owners have said that they went ahead and disabled the edge apps. This means that they paid out for the Edge but then turned it into the regular version.

Others have said that they think the touch screen on the Edge is too sensitive and are hoping that a fix for the issue is coming out.

Some have also said that they prefer the bigger Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and that now they think that the regular version is too small.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge does have in favour that is offers the 3,000Mah battery along with support for SD card and it is water resistant.

But would you go for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge over the S7 standard?