Is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Nothing But A Pipe Dream?

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Most followers of Samsung know the fate of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when it arrived in 2016. In case you don’t, the device had a tendency to explode and it was recalled not once but twice. This has left people saying that we are not likely to be seeing the launch of anymore Notes. So is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 going to be nothing more than just a pipe dream?

There are many fans of the Note series of handsets who are hoping that Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However the handsets would need a lot of work on it as it would have to fix all the damage that was done by the Note 7 and this has led some to speculate on whether we will see a new Note device.

Samsung could decide to give up on the Notes series altogether as getting rid of the brand name would go some way to restoring their image. They could then launch a brand new device to take over from the Note.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may make things confusing. After all there is a tablet from Samsung with the same name. We believe that they may ditch the Note 8 altogether and come up with a brand new line of phones to take its place, but what are your thoughts?

Would you like to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or do you think it’s about time for the brand to be ditched and something else arrive in its place?

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