Is It Time For Microsoft Surface Pro 4 To Move Out?

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Microsoft hasn’t opened up about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 but there have been plenty of rumours going around about the device. More speculation has arisen that the device may be coming our way thanks to the drop in price of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 received a drop in price of $100 last month and now it has been given a drop in price of $200. This may mean that the company is trying to get rid of all stock before they launch the Pro 5.

Reports have been going around that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could be coming out this spring. We have also heard that Microsoft may be about to launch the update to Windows 10 with a compatible product. This, along with a statement from Microsoft some time ago about the launch of Windows 10 update in spring, further cements the rumours.

The CEO of Microsoft is also thought to be preparing the latest update to the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 or the Surface Book 2. Microsoft did say that one of the reasons for holding off was to ensure that the software would work on the new Surface device.

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