iPod Touch 5G Review: Is It For You?

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There is an option for those who want the basics of the iPhone 5 but don’t want to pay out the price for one. This is thanks to the iPod touch 5G which takes bits from each of the recent iPhone generations. The device also comes with a full version of iOS 6. This of course is the OS that runs on the iPhone and the iPad.

iPod touch 5G review: who should get one?

However what is mind-boggling is just how great the device is when you get it in your hand. The iPod touch 5G is 6mm in thickness and while it looks fragile, it does have a solid feel and it is not delicate.

The device comes with a flash that is built in and auto focus that goes with the 5 megapixels. It comes with the A5 processor of Apple and it also comes with numerous improvements to the software. It has many ways to share photos and it has iCloud and email, along with many other features.

The battery life on the iPod touch 5G is decent and Apple says that it should give you up to 40 hours of music playback when the device is fully charged. However if you want to charge it then you need the Lightning cable just like the new iPhone 5.

There is a colour matched lanyard, which pops out if you press a button on the back of the iPod Touch to attach the strap. So is the price tag of the iPod Touch 5G actually worth it? The device starts out at $299 and the iPhone 5 starts at $199 for the 16GB on a two year contract. It is a superb device and it is the closest thing that you can get to the new iPhone without actually owning the iPhone 5.

One thing that the iPod Touch 5G doesn’t have is GPS built in and of course the camera doesn’t match that of the Apple iPhone 5. It also lacks the A6 processor of the iPhone 5. If you want an Android device with a media player, then this is the one to get. I would only recommend the iPod touch 5G to those who want access to all the great apps in the App Store but don’t want to splurge on a smartphone. Think of it as a secondary device to your BlackBerry just for entertainment and social media.

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