iPod Touch 5G Review & Test (Everything You Need To Know)

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While the iPhone 5 stole the limelight at Apple’s event last month, the iPod Touch 5G which was announced simultaneously is a huge step up over its predecessor.

iPod touch 5G review & drop test

Now if you are still considering getting one, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. If so you might want to check out two videos, which includes a review of 17 minutes on the iPod touch 5G as well as a drop test for those who are worried about the recent complaints over build quality (see bottom).

In the first video it shows how Apple has changed the design of the iPod touch 5G and it is now smaller, lighter and thinner, while having a 4 inch display. The device has a satin feel to it when holding it in the hand and there is a black area on the back which is supposed to improve Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

Apple has included a wrist strap with the iPod touch 5G and this can be attached to the circle of silver on the back of the device. Apple is attempting to turn this into a point and shoot camera. The camera has been improved and there is a flash and the camera supports video at 1080p. This means that you might never need a standalone camera ever again.

In the second video there is a drop test for the iPod touch 5G and you can see how it stands up. In the review the device is dropped many times and in different ways.

So if you are waiting for your device or contemplating getting one, you might want to check these iPod touch 5G clips out.

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