iPod Touch 5G Release Date: Where Art Thou?

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If I had heard that the iPod Touch 5G was here it would have made my day and week. However Apple for the moment has still not released a date when they will be delivering the iPod Touch.

iPod touch 5G release date still unknown

Apple has promoted the iPod Touch 5G as being designed for maximum funness. To ensure this happens the new device comes in a range of colours, all of which are bright and shiny. The device comes with the 4 inch retina display of the iPhone 5 and there have been many more improvements, including the dual core A5 chip along with the iSight Camera which can record 1080p video. Of course it comes with the latest iOS 6.

For now the lack of the release date for the iPod Touch 5G has confused a lot of individuals. This has also meant that forums have been inundated with those who have pre-ordered the device, all wanting to know when they can expect their device.

There have been some 3rd part retailers listing dates. for instance has said that it is 15th October. However for now people have to wait for the shipping notices to arrive. Let’s hope that it will still be this month and that Apple has not come across any unforeseen problems.

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