iPod Touch 5G Release Date: What’s Going On Here?

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When I get the news that the iPod Touch 5G is on its way I’mma gonna whoop! Sadly, though, Apple hasn’t graced us with a date just yet.

iPod touch 5G release date still up in the air

Cupertino has promised us that the iPod Touch 5G has been designed with fun in mind. Fun, fun, fun, and no-one’s gonna take the T-Bird away! The new gadget comes in a range of bright, shiny colours, along with the same 4” Retina display that’s in the iPhone 5. There are more improvements, too, like a dual-core A5 chip and an iSight Camera that can take 1,080p video. And, of course, iOS 6.

The lack of a release date has foxed many, and so this means that the forums are fizzing with speculation from those that have pre-ordered the iPod Touch 5G. They all want to know one thing – when’s the postman gonna call?

There are some third party retailer listing dates. reckons it’s October 15, for example. However people will just have to sit tight and wait for the bounteous Apple to release shipping notices. Hopefully these notices will be out in October with no problems. I want my iPod touch 5G already!

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