iPod Touch 5G Has More Cuts Than A Barbershop!

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Phil Schiller has said that the iPod Touch 5G doesn’t have the ambient light sensor as the device is too thin. The device lacks the space needed for it basically.

iPod touch 5G has other cuts besides calling capabilities of iPhone 5

Schiller gave this answer in response to being asked why the device lacks the light sensor by an owner of the iPod Touch 5G. We also found that there was no sensor when we reviewed the device as the auto brightness feature is missing. Some may not be bothered by this fact, but it did lead to the question of why, when auto brightness is seen on the iPod Touch 4th generation, did Apple feel it was ok to leave it out.

In relation to the iPhone 5 this is not the first downsize for the iPod Touch 5G. The iPhone 5 comes with 1GB RAM, while the Touch has 512MB of RAM (the cost would have been minimal for Apple to include it!). Another factor is the camera. While the iPod touch 5G may look identical to the iPhone 5, it houses a 5-megapixel camera versus the 8MP shooter on the iPhone.

The iPod Touch 5G is not the only device to have made sacrifices due to Apple wanting to make it thin. The iPhone 5 suffered too thanks to the older and harsher vibration motor which Apple chose to use on the device due to size issues. The iPhone 5 has an older generation vibration motor than the iPhone 4S because Apple was having trouble trying to fit it into the world’s thinnest smartphone. Of course the iPhone 5 comes with a larger display and it has LTE for fast network speeds. However battery wise there was only a jump up by 10mAh and hence real world battery life figures coming in below the 4S. Again, the likely reason for a slightly larger battery only may have been space constraints and keeping the weight of the device down.

Do you think Apple went too far this time in their pursuit of making the thinnest and lightest iPhone yet?

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