iPod Touch 5G: Hmm… Apple Got Thrifty With The Hardware

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It is not every day that you take apart an iPod Touch 5G to find out what’s inside it. This is better left to someone who knows what they are doing, such as a repair website. This is exactly what iFixi did recently when they wanted to know what made the iPod Touch 5G tick, and consumers may be disappointed when they know the results.

iPod touch 5g only has 512MB RAM

iFixit took the device apart and it seems that they were upset to find out what memory was inside the device. They also gave a step by step guide if you want to do the same. It seems that the 5th generation of the iPod Touch has just 512MB of RAM. This has been a surprise as people have said that Apple could give it 1GB of RAM for very little additional cost.

Developers typically complain about the memory, or lack of it, in all aged hardware. If Apple had included 1GB of RAM it may have increased the lifespan of the iPod Touch 5G by at the very least, one year. The iPhone 5 of course which is its closest sibling has 1GB RAM.

At the moment tests have not been conducted on the life of the battery, however it is an improvement as it is now 1030mAh compared to the 930mAh seen in the version before it.

It is thought that the larger battery may be needed for the A5 processor. However this may mean that the battery life hasn’t really been improved and it might not last longer. So it seems that the iPod Touch 5G may have been a victim of profit margins for Apple.

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