iPod Touch 5G Has A “One More Thing”, Water Disposable Packaging

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Apple have released a first along with their iPod Touch 5G, packaging that is biodegradable. Apparently at the event to launch it they should have said “oh and one more thing,” the packaging dissolves in water, as this is a big thing when it comes to smartphones.

iPod touch 5G packaging parts biodegradable

Apple is known for taking great care in their design of packaging and they often tell us how eco-friendly their devices really are. This however is the first time that their packaging actually dissolves in warm water.

Now the case of the EarPods that comes with the iPod touch 5G doesn’t actually fully dissolve in warm water. Rather it becomes very pliable and then falls apart and results in pulp.

Apple wouldn’t make a comment on this, but they did tell us to take a look at a page which stated that the packaging for the iPhone 5 is made from renewable tapioca foam materials. The page doesn’t say anything about the new iPods, however it is thought that they too may use the same materials for their packaging.

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