iPod Touch 5G Finally Ready To Ship For All Those Who Ordered Before Sept 12

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Following the anxious wait for the new iPod Touch 5G, news has finally broke that those who pre-ordered one of these colorful iOS devices early will see their orders begin shipping.

iPod touch 5G ready to ship

Anyone who walks into an Apple store now to pick up the iPod Touch 5G in the US, will have to wait a long time, as the estimated shipping date is October. Apple has not given a definite release date.

It seems that you can only get your hands on the device if you pre-ordered it. Product-Reviews points out that Apple have started to send out notifications about shipping to all those who pre-ordered the device on 12th September. The updated status says that devices are prepped for shipment. Apple is also taking money from the credit cards of people who placed orders. Of course this news does only apply to anyone who ordered the device following the launch of it at the Apple event.

If you have only just ordered the iPod Touch 5G then you can expect to wait for some time yet before you will receive it. In some cases Apple have changed the October estimate to three weeks, this news will not come as any surprise to the die-hard fans of Apple, who are used to Apple’s management, or lack of it, of shipments.

One thing that has surprised many is the sheer demand for the iPod Touch 5g. The device comes in a range of colors and it has the same 4 inch display of the iPhone 5. Perhaps people who bought the device have been surprised that the device is suffering the same delays that are usually reserved for new iPhones.

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