iPhone X: So Bad It’s Good

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There are more than one reason why we love the Apple iPhone X but of course, we still wish that they did not make some of the changes but it looks like that is not an issue for the copycats as they look to take in the good and the bad from Apple.

We have already seen a few leaks of upcoming smartphones and while we are not upset that a huge percentage of them looked like the Apple iPhone X, we were surprised that these manufacturers did not bother to take into consideration what the fans think.

When images of the Apple iPhone X was first revealed, it was clear that the fans were not happy about the notch on the display. A lot of people felt like it messed up the display and we were hoping Apple would remove it from the new iPhones this year. However, new leaked images of the OnePlus 6 suggest that the device’s display might also have the same notch in it.

Another example of manufacturers picking up the bad features was when some of them tried to remove the headphone jack as well. While it is possible to live without the headphone jack, most people would prefer to have it.

What other iPhone X feature should the other manufacturer stay away from?

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