iPhone X: Achilles Heel or A Midas Touch?

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When Apple first introduced the new Apple iPhone X, everybody was quick to point out the notch in the front. Most people think that the notch was an eyesore and that it would greatly affect the sales of the Apple iPhone X.

However, as we know, these rules never really applies to Apple. While most companies would suffer if the public dislike their design, Apple thrives on it. The Apple AirPods was made fun off at first but it quickly sold out the moment it was released and the same happened to the Apple iPhone X. People just could not get enough of the iPhone X and its notch.

In fact, more and more smartphone manufacturers are now following Apple’s path. The latest leaked images showed quite a few smartphones possible coming with that notch in the front as well.

Clearly, that ugly notch is here to stay and we are not sure how we feel about that.

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