Text Messages: Android More Secure Than iPhone

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It is safer to send texts from an Android or Blackberry handset than it is from an iPhone reports InformationWeek. Recently it was found that there is a flaw in iOS for the iPhone that could allow people to hack into any SMS message sent from the iPhone. AdaptiveMobile put this to the test on an iPhone and compared it alongside other operating systems on handsets including Android, Blackberry and Windows.

iPhone not as safe as Android, BlackBerry or Windows for text messaging

The problem was first discovered by a researcher named pod2g who said that hackers can spoof replies to number in a sent message. Messages could be made to look like they had come from your bank for instance but your response would be directed somewhere else. This could trick those using the iPhone into revealing information such as their bank details.

The reply address was included so that users could reply to texts that were sent from marketing firms and information agencies. Many of these were unable to receive messages and so the system is used to allow for interaction. Many handsets ignore the quirk which is found in the system and as such treats the reply address correctly. Apple however is vulnerable and consumers could be at risk. Apple did respond to the problem but as yet they haven’t offered much of a fix for their users.

In a statement they said that when iMessaging is used to replace SMS the addresses are verified which protects against spoofing. A limitation in SMS allows for spoofed addresses to be sent to any handset and they urged their consumers to be careful when being directed to an address of a website via SMS.

What Apple are really saying is that users should use iMessage as opposed to SMS. Apple has not said if they plan on offering a fix for the security issue. So for now if you own the iPhone, you should use iMessage instead.

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