iPhone vs Android: Apple Winning Despite Sales Figures [SFG]

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There have been a lot of stories about how Android is above Apple when it comes to market shares. However SF Gate disagrees. The blog points out that the latest evidence of this came by way of Deutsche Telekon, who recently said that they will be selling the iPhone through T-Mobile within the US.

iPhone vs Android: Why Apple is still “winning” despite smaller marketshare

T-Mobile has always wanted to get their hands on the iPhone. However Apple has never made the iPhone so that it works on the network of T-Mobile. In truth they perhaps were asking for too much money and T-Mobile wouldn’t meet their demands. So it seems that T-Mobile have “changed” their network so as to be able to get the iPhone.

The chairman of Deutsche said that T-Mobile was now complete and they would be able to be competitive in the USA, at the moment they have just 10% of the market in the US.

So apparently T-Mobile thinks that they need to have Apple on board if they are to be competitive. Incidentally T-Mobile was the first partner of Android OS.

The carrier had said that they had lost 700,000 customers during Q4 of 2011 due to the fact that they didn’t offer the iPhone.

So the question is, if Android is as popular as people say, and it has many customers, why would T-Mobile want to do all they could to get the iPhone and Apple? Why do they think the iPhone is needed and why do they believe that they cannot be competitive without it?

It could be that Android doesn’t have much traction with consumers, despite its big gains in the market suggests the blog. Android is 5 years old, yet people are choosing iOS and iPhone if they have the chance to. If the the carrier doesn’t offer it then it seems that people are willing to switch carriers just so they can get their hands on the iPhone. Check out SF Gate’s full story here.

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