iPhone vs Android: Is Jelly Bean Or iOS 6 Better?

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There has and always will be an on-going battle between iOS and Android. At the moment the latest version of Android is Jelly Bean and this is a name that is on the lips of everyone waiting patiently for the update. Meanwhile iOS have gone into its sixth generation and the iOS 6 update is expected to roll out alongside the iPhone 5.

iPhone vs Android: 4.1 Jelly Bean vs iOS 6

Both of the operating systems have grown up and with the introduction of Jelly Bean came a Siri like assistant for Android fans. Changes have been made to notifications and widgets can now resize themselves. The graphics processing has also been finely tuned thanks to Project Butter. Meanwhile iOS 6 will bring Apple fans the likes of Passbook, a more refined Siri, Apple maps and much more.

There is no getting away from the fact that for now Android Jelly Bean and iOS are both the dominating operating systems while their competition struggles to keep up. Both Microsoft Windows Phone and Blackberry RIM are struggling, but following the court case of Samsung and Apple there has been an increase in the number of people taking a look at Windows phones.

The Nokia/Windows event revealed some new Windows Phone 8 devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 and these devices could please those looking for a handset for business or who are worried about security and management in a handset. Therefore if any OS is going to contend with the likes of iOS and Android, it is likely to be Windows Phone 8. This will not happen overnight of course and then you do have to factor in the Blackberry may soon be releasing news about Blackberry 10. The downside to these two OS’ is that you will need new hardware to run them whereas with Android and iOS updates you can update your old handset to the latest OS. This of course is a big plus and is one of the reasons iOS and Android are so popular.

With iOS 6 now possibly just days away from rolling out, we will finally get a glimpse of the 200 plus new features Apple says has been incorporated into the update. Apple seems to be off to a good start with what they showed us at WWDC 2012. And while many folks would say that their OS is still playing catch up to Android in terms of features, you have to remember that software is nothing without hardware. While buying an iPhone 5 will grant you access to all those 200 features and they will operate just as intended by the developers, the same cannot be said about Jelly Bean as the latest figures show only 7 percent of devices in the wild are running the OS. And with manufacturers still releasing hardware with ICS, you have to ask why are all these awesome features in Jelly Bean still out of reach for the majority of users.

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