Is iOS 6 Going To Blow Android Jelly Bean Away?

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There’s always been a bit of a beef between iOS and Android. At the moment Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, is wooing the punters, but Apple is gearing up iOS 6 to hit the public at the same time as the iPhone 5 hits customer’s doorsteps.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean vs iPhone iOS 6

Both Android and iOS have grown and developed over the years, and Android users even got a voice assistant like Siri. In Jelly Bean notifications have been changed, and widgets can resize themselves. Project Butter also means that graphics processing has become smoother. iOS 6 will bring Passbook, a better Siri, Apple Maps and more to iPhone devotees.

iOS and Android are dominating the operating system marketplace right now, leaving other systems out in the cold. Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry are trailing badly, but all the legal argy-bargy between Samsung and Apple might open a little chink up for competitors to slip through. Customers are worried about iPhones or Samsung Androids getting banned and other platforms can take advantage of this.

The recent Nokia/Windows press event unveiled some new Windows Phone products – like the Nokia Lumia 920 – that are more businesslike and secure than Android or iPhone. So, if there’s to be a contender for iOS and Android it’ll be Windows Phone 8. This will take some time, and you also have to account for BlackBerry 10 coming out soon. These last two operating systems have the obvious downside that you have to get new hardware, whereas iOS and Android updates are continuously being fired out to older devices. This fact helps to make Android and iOS so popular.

iOS 6 is only a matter of days away now, so we’ll be able to feast our eyes on the 200+ new features that Apple has promised us. Apple impressed everyone at WWDC 2012, and although iOS 6 is still a bit behind Android features-wise, the features it has chosen are very important. If you get an iPhone 5, you’ll get iOS 6 without a hitch, and the OS will run without a hitch. We can’t say that to the 93 per cent of Android users waiting for Jelly Bean. Worryingly, Android makers are still sending out devices with ICS, so when is Jelly Bean and its bells & whistles going to get to its public?

These are just some points to keep in mind when trying to pick between platforms. However ultimately it will come down to which handset you actually like. The iPhone or the range of Android devices out there.

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