Android Now Selling 5 Times Faster Than iPhone, iOS Devices

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Data has revealed that Android has taken 75% of the market shares of smartphone, with iOS trailing with just 14.9% and Blackberry way being with only 4%.

Android outsell iOS devices like iPhone 5 times faster

CNET reports that more than 181 million Android devices have been shipped in Q3 and this makes the 75% of the shares in the market, while all Apple could do was hold on to 15%. Android has continued to grow since the launch in 2008 and each year they continue to outpace the market and take market shares.

At the moment 3 out of 4 buyers choose Android, which is a 91.5% year after year growth. Samsung handsets are also said to be the most popular choice of phone on the Android platform. Apple remain behind, although their performance did see a boost when the iPhone 5 was launched and older models of the iPhone dropped in price.

An analyst said that Google enjoys a product portfolio that is multifaceted and which thrives, whereas their competitors have operating systems that aren’t capable of this. He said that this was one of the reasons why others had seen a loss of market share, with some exceptions.

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