iPhone vs Android: Here’s How To Choose

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If you are debating between the Android and iPhone you need to make a decision based on the operating system, iOS or Android OS.  Both are popular systems, but which is most suitable for you? Here are some easy steps to help you choose in a jiff.

iPhone vs Android: How to choose?

One of the biggest differences between the two is that when it was first developed, Android was part of the Open Handset Alliance. This was a combination of 84 electronics companies who set out with the aim of creating an OS with standards that were consistent. Google were behind most of the funding and so they get the credit as they also bought rights to the OS in 2005. The point being that this is an OS that the majority of companies can work with in terms of functionality and design. Each of the manufacturers, such as LG and Samsung can add onto the Android OS in their own ways and tweak the OS. Android is basically an OS that they can play around with and you can therefore choose which device you like the best to suit your needs.

If you are looking for flexible applications (you could be if you are technological minded) the apps selection between iOS and Android will be the deal breaker. Apple has a tighter hold over their apps and if Apple does not like something, they won’t have the app in their App Store. However they do offer a huge amount of apps for download. Android with their open market policy are not as restrictive and there is also a huge range of apps to download ranging from the strangest to some that may be even be considered experimental.

If you like to keep things simple then Android may not be for you as it can be overwhelming. Apple are known for their work in the user interface department and iOS is easy to interact with and more simple. If you want a great user experience that is simple to get a hang off then iOS on the iPhone may be the one for you. If you want choices and options then Android phones would work out best.

Basically when choosing which device, what it boils down to is what you want out of a handset. Both are great operating systems, but of course if you want iOS then you have to have the iPhone, with Android you have a range of handsets to choose from ranging from the likes of the powerful Samsung Galaxy S3, to the long lasting Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, or the always on the “cutting edge of software” Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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