iPhone Lovers Really ARE iPhone Lovers, Sex Comes 2nd (Survey)

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iPhone lovers really ARE iPhone lovers, as a new survey by Gazelle shows. The survey, conducted to celebrate the iPhone’s 5th birthday (June 29), shows the massive impact the smartphone has had on users’ lives, affecting purchasing behaviour, social etiquette, and even relationships and sex.

Survey: iPhone More Lusted After Than Sex

Over 1,000 Gazelle customers, who had to have traded in one iPhone at least, took part in the survey. Highlight discoveries included:

Forget about IPO, it’s the iPhone rather than Facebook that people really can’t live without. Survey respondents were asked which device or platform they just couldn’t give up, and 65% chose the iPhone, with just 1% saying Facebook. Almost 15% of respondents would rather give up sex than spend a weekend without their iPhone. True love!

Consumers need an iPhone with a bigger screen. Almost 40% of survey respondents said they’d love a bigger screen more than any other potential improvement to the iPhone. Apple hasn’t said yay or nay to this change yet, but if consumers had their way, they’d upscale to 4”.

Once they have an iPhone, many users reduce the number of other devices they buy or own. Nearly 70% of the people surveyed said they’d nixed their iPod or MP3 player after they got an iPhone. 55% got rid of their camera, with 40% ditching their GPS device.

The iPhone is affecting – some say ruining – our social graces, but no-one cares. Over a quarter of respondents say they’re “almost always” on their iPhone during a social gathering like a party or meal. The iPhone has changed how we interact with people face-to-face, not just how we access and send information. A combined 58% of survey takers use their iPhone “usually” or “occasionally” when socialising. This is compared to a mere 17% of respondents who only use their iPhone “rarely” or “never” when socialising.

Wash your hands after using someone else’s iPhone – you might not want to know where it’s been. This pervasive gadget accompanies people to the bathroom – and the bedroom. Almost 85% of respondents had taken a bathroom break with iPhone in hand, and almost 4% had gotten even more intimate with the device by having sex while using it!

“It’s amazing to think about how much the iPhone has changed consumers’ lives in just five short years,” said Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget officer at Gazelle.

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