iPhone SE vs iPhone 7: The Answer Is Money

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We want to know whether once the iPhone 7 is released the price tag of the iPhone SE is going to drop down.

This is a relevant question if you are considering purchasing a new device and you don’t want to go for the latest handset.

As a general rule the price tag of older generations of handsets does drop down when a new handset is launched. Often as soon as there is a new device announced the price of the handset before it does drop down.

The iPhone SE has been successful for Apple for those who want a smaller device but whether the price tag of it will drop down when the iPhone 7 is released is another matter as this is going to be a bigger handset and there will still be people who want a smaller handset.

Of course you also have to take into account that the iPhone SE hasn’t been out for that long. Apple may not want to drop down the price tag of a phone that is selling well and which offers something different from the newer generation.

One way of perhaps getting the iPhone SE with a drop in the price is by getting a used version of the handset after someone decides that they are moving up to the iPhone 7.