iPhone SE Review Roundup: What Critics Think

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Some would call the Apple iPhone SE the best thing to have happened this year while others were not too impressed with what the Apple iPhone SE has to offer.

In general, it seems like people are really happy about the fact that the smaller iPhone SE will be coming in with the powerful new A9 chip, the same chip that is powering the 6S and with the smaller display screen, we can expect the device to run smoothly.

One of the problem they seems to have with the iPhone SE is the fact that Apple decided to use the older 3D Touch instead of the newer version and while we do think that it is odd that Apple would choose to have the older version, having the 3D Touch feature itself on the cheaper version was already a nice bonus.

There were also some complaints about how Apple is recycling the Apple iPhone 5s design but what’s so wrong about looking like one of their own. Overall, with that price tag, we think the Apple iPhone SE is more than decent.

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