iPhone SE 2 A Better Choice Than iPhone 8

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So far, there has not been any indication that Apple is working on a new Apple iPhone SE 2 model although there have been a lot of rumors about Apple working on one but if they do work on one, would it better than the Apple iPhone 8?

Of course, in terms of specs, the new Apple iPhone SE 2 would still be below the Apple iPhone 8. Although Apple did make sure that the Apple iPhone SE got some of the same features as the premium device, it was still a downgrade.

One of the premium features that you would have to sacrifice is the front camera. Most people were not too happy with the grainy front camera that Apple offered on the Apple iPhone Se.The rear camera will also be less impressive.

Other features that you will be missing out include the 3D Touch, True Tune Display, and more. While users will still get some features like TouchID, the sensor on the SE device will most likely be the older version.

At the end of the day, if saving money is not your main concern, the premium model will still be the better option.

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