Apple: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Just An iPhone “Copycat”

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In the Apple and Samsung patent court case it seems the madness will never end. Apple has another case in San Jose against Samsung which consists of lawyers for Apple trying to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned.

Apple says Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an iPhone “copycat”

Apple has said that the Nexus is nothing but a “copycat” device and is Samsung’s way of trying to steal market share. Apple won an injunction previously about the same device, but Google managed to change the unified search issue which was causing the problem.

Apple now plan on showing that Samsung stole some sales from the iPhone, causing millions of dollars worth in damages, all thanks to the Galaxy Nexus. Lawyers for Samsung have said that Apple will have a hard time proving this as the Galaxy Nexus had just miniscule sales numbers.

Bloomberg reports that the trial over this issue will take place around March of next year and so the hate-hate relationship between the two smartphone giants looks set to continue well into 2013.

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