New Bill To Publicize Phone Radiation Levels Bad For iPhone

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There has been a lot of talk about radiation on smartphones lately and the risks involved with them. The FCC meanwhile said that they had confidence that the emissions guidelines on handsets were no risk to those using mobilephones. However according to ArsTechnica, Dennis Kucinich introduced a bill into congress with the purpose to examine, label and communicate the adverse reactions that are associated with exposure to the electromagnetic fields of smartphones and wireless devices.

New bill to expose phone radiation levels may affect sales of handsets like the iPhone 4S

The wording of the bill has not been published but in a statement it was said that should the bill be passed there would then be a national research program which would look into cell phones and the health and it would require that Environmental Protection Agency make changes to the SAR, Specific Absorption Rate, which is outdated.

Smartphone radiation risks are expected to be broadcast in the media again when the appeals court in San Francisco considers the right to know ordinance. Congress is thought to be getting ready to ask the Accountability Office to update their regulations for smartphone safety this week. This has not been changed since 1996. Labels would be required if the Kucinich bill is passed which would disclose the radiation emission levels, along with legal limits and goals which are mandatory for safe exposure.

It took many decades for scientists to say that they knew for sure that smoking caused cancer. Over this time, industry supporters had given false impressions that there was no link between cancer and smoking. This is said to have cost numerous lives. When waiting for scientists to determine health risks of cell phone radiation consumers should have all the information needed to choose a handset with the least amount of radiation, Kucinich said. While smartphone users may be at an increased risk of developing cancer along with problems with productivity, Americans should have a right to know how much radiation their handset is throwing out.

The question is, would you change your handset if you knew how much radiation it gave out? Earlier today, we reported on a study specifically looking at SAR figures of popular handsets. In particular, the iPhone 4S was found three times more likely to cause cancer than the Samsung Galaxy S3. Check it out here.

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