100 Apple Product Designers Working On iPhone Math, Likely Smartwatch

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The Apple wristwatch has been rumoured for some time now however now Forbes reports that it is gaining ground again after it was said that the device has now hit the development stage.

The source has said that up to 100 product designers have been at work on the computer which is wearable and which could perform some of the things that the Apple iPhone along with the Apple iPad, do.

The team working on it includes managers, engineers and marketers, which have been taken from the teams working on iPads and iPhones and as it is so large sources of Bloomberg believe that the device is officially in development as opposed to be experimental.

His could be what Apple plan on releasing to fill the space until they release a new Apple iPhone or iPad. Rumours were going around that Apple would reveal the upgrade to their latest iPhone during this quarter, however analysts have said that Apple will wait until later in the summer or the early fall.

Some even say that the biggest products of Apples will not be revealed until the third quarter. If they don’t have any new products on the shelves they will have to rely on their existing devices to push ahead with sales.

Many people aren’t overly impressed with the concept of the iWatch, which could be a cross between an iPhone and iPod Nano. Others agree that it would be different from anything that we have ever seen before.

Apple could have a struggle on their hands to sell the iWatch following the period of curiosity and they would be left trying to promote a device that is wearable. This is something that is different from what Apple has released before.

If Apple does make the move this way then investors may wonder if they plan on terminating the existing line up of products. If the iWatch did prove to be popular and a more superior product to the iPhone then the Apple iPhone would not survive, but then some may prefer the traditional format of a smartphone. If loyal followers of the iPhone did make the move to the iWatch, then sales of the handset would drop.

For it to be a positive replacement for the iPhone the iWatch would have to carry a retail price that was larger or have margins that were superior. Should the margins be smaller then Apple would need to sell more units of it than they do the iPhone, if they are to maintain their profitability levels.

This could be the goal of Apple, to build a product that would eclipse the iPhone, with no thought to margins.

It has also been said that the iWatch could be nothing more than an expensive toy that will enhance functionality of existing iDevices and Macs computers, as this would allow Apple to keep on with the legacy of the iPhone.

iWatch and iPhone Math same device?

Other rumors suggest that the iPhone Math and Apple iWatch may in fact be the same thing. Why Apple would use the word “math” for an watch is unclear however that may be because we aren’t sure of its capabilities just yet.

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