Are Users Getting Ripped Off Buying An iPhone Or MacBook? Verdict Suggests So [TV]

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The story everyone is talking about is the fact that Apple have won in the courts over Samsung. TheVerge (TV) however highlights a certain story by Enrique Gutierrez whose frequent encounters in Starbucks with other patrons suggest otherwise.

iPhone & MacBook vs Samsung Galaxy phones and laptop series

Gutierrez would frequently have people ask him about the Samsung products he used. They seem identical to that of Apple’s but at lower prices, points out TheVerge. So if Samsung have copied Apple as the courts say, does this mean that the products from both are the same?

The court says that they are, as they have said that Samsung have copied Apple. However you then have to consider the fact that products from Samsung are cheaper than those from Apple, but they are basically the same. So does this mean that people are buying Apple products like the iPhone and MacBook Air and paying a dearer price because of the Apple brand?

For example if a Samsung QX410 is able to do exactly the same thing as the MacBook Air and look  as good doing it, why would you pay out for the MacBook, other than to brag that you have Apple MacBook Air? The MacBook Air after all would typically cost around twice as much as the equivalent from Samsung.

At the moment we are waiting for the release of the iPhone 5 and probably it will beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it comes to sales, despite the fact that it will probably be dearer to purchase than the S3 and once again match it in terms of features.

There is a saying that bad news is good advertising and this could prove true as the court case has cost Samsung $1 billion, it may be an expensive way to advertise the fact that there really isn’t much difference between Apple and Samsung products other than price. Do you think TheVerge is on to something here?


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