iPhone & iPad Still Getting “Hotter” Despite Strong Rivals [REPORT]

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Morgan Stanley say that results of a survey of 1,000 people in the US say that the Apple iPhone and the iPad are still in high demand and the devices remain strong. The Q4 iPhone purchases did beat what was forecast, with 50% iPad shares also being a surprise.

iPhone & iPad continue to flood market

Key findings have said that there is strong demand for the Apple iPhone 5. The survey said that there was 33% growth year after year, thanks to a growing number of consumers favouring devices that were higher priced.

The cannibalisation concerns for the iPad Mini are overblown. Around 47% of new purchased of the iPad Mini are new customers, slightly lower than the 56% of the full sized Apple iPads.

Apple are said to be holding their own against rivals Samsung. The rising shares of Samsung have come at the expense of other smartphones and tablets on the Android platform. While new purchases of the Apple iPhone is thought to be on the rise at 3pts over next year.

During the 2012 holiday shopping season Apple are winners. It seems that tablets are the number one selling gift in electronics for 2012. These have overtaken e-readers. Apple is the highest at 38%, which is up from the 34% of 2011.

Apple iPhone sales have hit new records even with market penetration that continues and growth numbers year over year, which have come down to earth lately.

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