UDID Leak Reveals Disturbing Minds Of Some iPhone & iPad Users

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When you first get your spanking new iPad out of the box, it asked you what you’d like to call it. Most of us choose a cute, quirky, but ultimately rather sedate name like “John’s iPad”. Most of us, but not all. Some of those among us like to think outside of the box – way, way outside of the padded , secure box that they maybe should be in.

Strange iPhone, iPad & iPod names users gave their devices

Earlier this week, the hacker activist group AntiSec let our 1 million UDIDs from its (claimed) info file on iPhone, iPad and iPod units that the FBI is supposed to have gathered. We were originally wondering if the FBI was collecting this info, and why (the Bureau is denying all knowledge). And then we looked at the names, and we forgot all about the Men in Black.

Most of the iGadgets on the list of 345,722 iPhones, 590,278 iPads and 128,526 iPods were called “iPhone”, “John’s iPad”, or “David’s iPhone”. So far so vanilla. Until you get to “iPhone von dogshit” and “cluster.f*ck”.

The folks over at HuffingtonPost have highlighted some of the more stranger names that made us die inside a little when we read them:

A Bullet for Mister Whiskers, badest mutha f*cka, Boner Pad, BooBooKittyF*ck, Buttttttttttz, Don’t F*ck It Up, Gimpybutt’s iPad, iDong2, iPhone von dogshit, Maggot Brain, My iPad Bitch!!, PiGKiLLeR’s iPad, Pimp Juice’s iPad, Pimpzilla, the nipple, The Murder Wizard, and Polly the Vampire Saviour.

The latest addition to our team, while Anna has a long way to go to catch up with the number of stories the rest of the team has broken, Anna has some ‘well connected’ sources in the tech industry. Breaking rumors like bad eggs, it is difficult to ignore Anna’s headlines… we dare you to try!