iPhone Is Awesome But Apple Should Axe Several Of Its Other Products

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While the iPhone from Apple is amazing, along with the iPad and MacBook, not all of their products are as good as this and in fact they should actually stop making some of them. This is perhaps due to the fact that they rose the bar when they made the iPhone and when other products don’t match this, things begin to look shabby and no one wants them. The folks over at BusinessWeek have highlighted 5 Apple products that should be axed.

iPhone is doing great but the same cannot be said about other Apple products

Safari for instance is an acceptable web browser, but then it’s not something outstanding and neither is it essential. It doesn’t beat Chrome or Firefox or even Internet Explorer. In fact there are very few reasons why you should choose Safari over other browsers.

The Game Center is another thing that Apple may wish to boot out. Apple has dipped their toes in the water in social networking but it isn’t anything special. Ping for instance was Apples social music feature, but what happened to it? while the iPhone and the iPod Touch may be good for playing games, why mess up the experience by including an app that takes on the appearance of a riverboat casino?

Pages are Apples answer to word processing, but it comes well below Word and Google Docs. Word is powerful while Google Docs is streamlined and nobody needs or wants yet another word processor.

Numbers is another failure in the Apple camp and is Apple’s answer to Excel. Excel will never be replaced and is the standard; and of course there is the fact that Numbers has not been updated for more than three years. Its ancient history and no one uses it.

Apple like to give people choices of views for their desktop with Mission Control, Launchpad and Dashboard. But why are three different products needed and do we really need to have different views? Most people just find them annoying when they move their mouse to the screens corner and up pops a weird screen which then means a struggle to get back to where you were points out BW.

What do you think? Should Apple axe these products from their portfolio and concentrate on the major ones like the iPhone, iPad and MacBooks only?

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