Why iPhone Users Are Now Waiting For iOS 6.1.2

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Apple released an update to iOS6.1 for the Apple iPhone 4S due to issues with the network. However Apple iPhone 5 owners have been left with iOS 6.1 and things are not looking all that good at the moment for Apple as they could have to release another update in order to fix issues with the passcode problems that some iPhone users have been experiencing.

This is not the first time that the passcode lock system has caused an issue but not owners are faced with a problem which means that their system can be bypassed. This exploit has been said to be found on all iOS6.1 iPhones and if it turns out to be true then we cannot wait for the release of iOS 6.1.2.

Some owners of the iPhone will say that this doesn’t happen to be a bug but rather it is related to jailbroken iPhones. However it does look as if it is an issue with standard iPhones too.

When iOS was launched there were some issues, however since updating it there has been far more issues. The latest reviews of iOS 6.1 show us that the OS does have issues and these are just related to Wi-Fi and battery issues.

People cannot keep up with updates any more as it was first thought that the iOS 6.1.1 update would bring an update for maps in Japan. However it just rectified issues with connectivity instead.

Therefore people thought that iOS 6.1.1 would come with the update to Maps and it may. However more than likely it will resolve the passcode lock issue. Some people don’t use the passcode lock, while others reset their code regularly. Some have turned to using Find My iPhone so they can lock their device or kill it in the event that they lose it.

The latest iOS has not had the best of rides, there were network issues first and now there is the glitch which will allow users to bypass the passcode lock.

Check out the video which shows you the problem with the iPhone passcode iOS 6.1., however when we tried it on our Apple iPhone 5 we couldn’t recreate it. Of course if there are others faced with this issue then it would be easy for thieves to get into your phone.

Many owners of the iPhone believe that iOS6 is the worst version Apple have released, despite the fact that Apple say the OS comes with more than 200 new features. Many owners of the iPhone are now looking ahead to when Apple reveal iOS7, after all it has to be better than iOS6, doesn’t it?

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