iPhone iOS 6.0.1 Update: Why You May Want To Avoid It

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Since the release of the iOS 6.0.1 update some users have posted many issues in forums online. While I haven’t had issues with my iPhone 5 after the update, sadly many users have not enjoyed the same experience and while the software has been out since the start of the month, Apple has yet to comment on the problems that some users say they are experiencing.

iOS 6.0.1 update brings new issues to iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

The list of problems with the update is growing reports Product-Reviews. This means there could be a pattern that affects thousands of users of the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

Users saw problems after the update to iOS6.0.1 which includes the battery of the device being poor, Wi-Fi issues, and people are having problems connecting to cellular networks.

The battery life problem seems to affect the iPhone 4S more frequently and it could be that this is an on-going problem, as it was mentioned before the update.

Wi-Fi issues have also been on-going and Apple have attempted to remedy this issue, however for some people it is still as bad, if not worse, following iOS 6.0.1.

There are some users who have been having call quality issues which have been described as major. Some say they have a bad connection and that their calls are garbled or they have a lot of static.

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