iPhone & iOS 6 Jailbreak Revealed, Good News For Once!

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Anyone who owns the iPhone 4S with iOS 6 will have been pleased to hear the news yesterday of a video that was posted online showing the iPhone 4S with Cydia installed. So could this means that developers are close to a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 as well?

iPhone 4S iOS 6 jailbreak shown off on video

A developer on Twitter by the name of @Mr_DunH1ll said that he had proof of the jailbreak for the iPhone 4S, but he did say that it still needed working on and that problems still had to be addressed before it could be released to the general public. What those problems were he didn’t say however. It could be the enhanced security that Apple introduced into iOS 6 that are causing issues.

The video seemed to show the iPhone 4S working with Cydia on iOS 6 and this suggests that the device has indeed been jailbroken. The developer happens to be the person who founded the ARB Dev Team for OSX and iOS 6, however this seems to be the first time that we have heard about this group. The group also uploaded a photo of the iPad having been jailbroken and running iOS 6. The jailbreak is said to be for tethered devices that have the A6 processor of Apple and this would include the iPhone 5.

While others have said that they have the jailbreak, this time around there is nothing to suggest that it is fake, as the others clearly were.

The developers are getting much closer to the jailbreak than they were at the demonstration held in September, however there are still said to be some pieces missing which are needed for the release.

On the plus side it is thought that the Arab Dev Team will work alongside other developers and this means that the jailbreak should be much closer. As for the iPhone 5, it should likely be in the same bundle as the iPhone 4S so the jailbreak should be released for both devices together.

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