iOS 6 Jailbreak Finally Happens, iPhone 5 Compatible

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iPhone 4S / iOS 6 users are in for some good news – there’s a video that’s showing an iPhone 4S using Cydia (see below), so developers may well have finally cracked a jailbreak for iOS 6! This also means that the iPhone 5 is probably not too far behind.

iPhone 4S runs Cydia, shows iOS 6 jailbreak in action

@Mr_DunH1ll revealed the video on Twitter to prove the iOS 6 jailbreak works on the iPhone 4S. He admitted that while the jailbreak worked, it did have some problems that needed to be sorted before releasing it. These problems are believed to be related to the enhanced security that Apple embedded in iOS 6.

The video shows (or seems to) the iPhone 4S working with iOS 6 and Cydia, indicating a jailbreak. This hacker is the founder of ARB Dev Team – the Arab Dev Team for iOS 6 and OSX. This team hasn’t been heard of before. His Twitter feed also seems to show a jailbroken iOS 6 running iPad.

This group claims that the jailbreak works with tethered devices that have the A6 chip – like the iPhone 5. This wouldn’t be the first time that someone’s touted an iOS 6 jailbreak, but this time there are no obvious signs of fakery.

Developers definitely are closer to an iOS 6 jailbreak than they were in September, but the Chronic Dev team reckons that there are still a lot of missing pieces holding up a public release. If this team does have the goods, then well-known hackers will liaise with it to get it out to the public even quicker.

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