iPhone iOS 6 Jailbreak Guide (RedSn0w Instructions)

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Just weeks after the third beta of iOS 6 was out, Apple has released beta 4 to registered developers. If you’re one of them and fancy a go at jailbreaking this release, then you can try a tethered iOS 6 JB from Redsn0w 0.9.15b3.

iOS 6.1 Beta 4 jailbreak instructions

You can get the fourth beta iOS 6, build 10B5126b as a delta update or as a direct download through Apple’s developer portal. It’s for all iOS devices, like the iPhone, the iPod and the iPod Touch. Users already using betas can get the new beta 4 version of iOS 6.1 by going to General>Software Updates in settings.

The delta is 56.5MB, but the whole update can be as much as 896MB. Apple’s also revealed the beta 3 version of its TV software, as well as the Xcode 4.6 Developer Preview.

The iOS 6.1 beta 4 can be jailbroken, like the previous versions, by using Redsn0w 0.9.15b3. This is a tethered jailbreak and it’ll only work on devices without the A5 processor, like the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and the iPhone 3GS. These all have the Limera1n exploit. If you’ve got a newer Apple device, then this jailbreak won’t work. This jailbreak tutorial is just for developers, and this is what you need to do to jailbreak devices on iOS 6.1 beta 4.

Download and install beta 4 onto your device; you should already have iOS 6 on your computer, but if you don’t, then download it. Then download Redsn0w 0.9.15b3.

Connect the device to your PC and put it in DFU mode. Then open Redsn0w 0.9.15b3, then the computer should recognise your device. Go to extras – choose IPSW, then head to the iOS 6 firmware file. Redsn0w should also identify the firmware.
Then head to Redsn0w’s main page and choose Jailbreak. Wait until the process is complete and ensure that Cydia has a tick mark. Choose Next and then the jailbreak process will begin. Once it’s complete your device will go to its lock screen. Return your device to DFU mode.

Go to the main page of Redsn0w and click Extras, then IPSW, and choose iOS 6.0 firmware. Redsn0w should recognise the firmware. Choose Boot tethered and the process will begin. When a pineapple logo shows up on your screen when it’s booted up successfully.

When the tethered boot is done, you’ll see the lock screen; unlock it and then swipe to the second home screen. You’ll see the Cydia app icon, open it and wait for it to go through the initial configuration and setup.

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