iOS 6 Has 200 New Features But These 5 Matter Most

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There are many new exciting features to enjoy with iOS 6. Apple said there are around 200 new features in total. While that is awesome and it will take sometime before we discover all of them, here are 5 that will change your life the most.

5 iOS 6 features to get excited about

VIP mail is one feature that has been updated. Users are able to send a photo or video from within the mail app, before you had to start an email in the photo app and then paste an image into it. The VIP option is excellent for those who receive important emails, as they will never miss them. Users can click on any senders name and add to the VIP list, and then any mails to come from the email address show up in the VIP folder. Users can also flag important emails.

Passbook offers great potential as it stores your coupons, loyalty cards, tickets and passes from other apps. For instance you could download the United Airlines app and then you would be able to bring up the boarding pass on your device’s screen for the attendant to scan. Passbook is also useful when it comes to reminding you of dates and it can also provide you with information, on for instance, your account balance with Starbucks.

Do Not Disturb is another helpful features that makes life easier. You will find an option to remind you later about any calls you have ignored while you were busy as well as a host of other calling notification features which the iPhone desperately needed.

The Safari browser has been changed for the better and now it includes an offline reading tool, which of course means that you do not have to be connected in order to be able to read a webpage.

Finally the phone app has seen an update and now users are not stuck with the boring built in alarm sound, users are now able to choose any song they have on their device to wake up to in the morning.

Now you would have noticed that we left out one of the most talked about iOS 6 features from the list – Apple maps. The reason we left out this app is because at this time it can be considered a beta app only given its numerous complaints. It will eventually become one of the best map apps out there, but not anytime soon.

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