iPhone: Apple Maps Eats 5 Times Less Data Than Google Maps

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Apple has been getting stick about their Apple maps, enough so that Tim Cook gave out an apology about the app. However it seems that there is something good about Apple maps, and that is that it is five times more efficient when it comes to using data than Google maps.

iPhone: Apple Maps uses 5 times less than data than Google Maps did

Apple maps apparently does not have to re-download images for maps every time the view is adjusted and this means less data consumption. These findings are an eye opener. Google Maps data is loaded from the cellular network each step and this is around 1.3MB on average. Apple maps on the other hand is around 271KB, which is around 80% less data.

Apple maps also showed efficiency close to 7X on some of the actions, which included zooming in to an intersection. Google maps makes use of vector graphics for their Android map app, however these have not been ported to the iOS version of map apps hence the irregularities.

Of course many will argue that even though Apple Maps will cost you less on your data plan, it doesn’t provide nearly as much information as Google Maps does. And for many, this will matter more than their data plan costs when they are lost.

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