Exploding iPhone No Tall Tale, Incident Caught On CCTV Camera

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There has been a report from Finnish pub SK24 about an iPhone that burst into a cloud of smoke which was caught on CCTV. The iPhone belonged to 17 year old Finn Henri Helminen, who had the phone in the back pocket of his jeans at the time reports 9to5Mac.

iPhone bursts into cloud of smoke inside user’s pocket

In the video it shows the youngster getting out of a van and walking away from it, in just a few steps his back pocket starts smoking a lot and he reaches in and takes something from it, throwing it to the ground.

Now lithium batteries have been known to explode or smoke, if there is something wrong with them. However usually this is down to a major malfunction. Recently it was reported that an iPhone in Australia blew up and this was traced back to a third party repair that had been poorly done. Whether this latest story and video are for real is anyone’s guess, check it out below and tell us what you think.

On a side note, the iPhone 5 is expected to launch sometime this fall and with it bring a host of new features and hardware upgrades including a bigger screen, 4G LTE and iOS 6.

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