Samsung Copied Apple But Forgot The Magic (75% Price Markups & More)

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Imitation is not as easy as one would figure. It is very difficult even if there is plenty of knowledge out there.

Samsung may have copied the iPhone & iPad but not the “magic”

For instance in a cookbook it says that you have the same simple methods and the exact recipes needed to be able to copy a perfect dining experience. However even with this knowledge we cannot replicate the standards of cuisine found in the best restaurants in the world.  This is the basis by which the folks over at MarginalRevolution tries to explain about what’s going on in the smartphone industry right now i.e. Apple and Samsung. We’re talking about the Apple and Samsung court case where the jury said that Samsung had copied the products of Apple. While they may have, it doesn’t mean that they did it good enough to take over the monopoly that Apple have.

It was recently pointed out that Apple have around 73% of market shares and sell around 8.8% mobile phones while Samsung have 26% profits and sell 23.5%. All other manufacturers are either losing money or they are just about breaking even. These results suggest that Apple’s competition is not copying their devices successfully. It should be said instead that they are trying to copy the products of Apple but missing the magic factor.

The whole point of a patent is as an incentive of innovation and the success of Apple shows us that mobile computing is indeed harder to copy than one would think. One of the things that their competitors would not be able to copy is Apple’s ability to be able to pull together some of the best designers and build a culture which makes some of the most elegant handsets. This is why Apple has the monopoly in the world of smartphones and perhaps always will.

Of course, having the best minds will cost you. And that’s where the Apple brand comes up. Perceived as being high-end and premium, Apple does charge more for their products than their competitors and recent reports by analysts have shown us that the “markup” on products like the iPhone reach close to 75 percent. Now this doesn’t just make Apple one of the richest companies in the world but also gives them the ability to get the best designers, spend major marketing dollars and overall give user’s a better experience (just look at any Apple Store).

Sure Samsung can try and copy Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, but they can never be Apple. That’s a whole different ballgame that extends past just producing the best electronics.

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