Woman Picks Up iPhone In Apple Store, Gets “Shocking Surprise”

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A family who live in Newton, Mass. say that a language barrier could have been the cause for a woman getting tazered by the police after she tried to purchase too many iPhone handsets in their local mall. However police insist that the incident is not clear cut.

Woman gets tazered by cops over iPhone purchases

The woman said that she was embarrassed by the incident which took place in the Pheasant Lane Mall in New Hampshire.

Her 12 year old daughter said that her mother didn’t understand why the police were called as she didn’t understand what was being said.

Apparently the woman purchased two iPhone units and then she was told that she couldn’t buy any more, as there was a limit. She then took a video of other people who she said was buying more phones and the manager of the store then asked her to leave.

The tazer confrontation occurred when she went back to the store to pick up the iPhone handsets that she ordered online.

Management asked the police to have here removed and the police officer said that she wasn’t welcome at the store, however she refused to leave. The police say that the store in question had even issued an order for her to stay away.

Two days prior to this happening the police said that the women had been asked to leave the store due to her doing something they didn’t want her to do. This was taking photographs of customers in the store.

A video was posted on YouTube, which shows the police officers with the woman on the floor, outside of the Apple store in the mall, and the crackle of the taser can be heard, along with the screams of the woman.

The woman’s fiancé said that she had been scared and she didn’t understand what was happening. He said that he was outraged that she had been treated as such in the Apple Store.

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