iPhone 7 Plus Will Be Larger, Thicker Than 6S Plus Reportedly

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If you had remembered well, the iPhone 7 was rumoured to have its Lightning port removed in order to produce a phone that’s slim and possibly the thinnest iPhone ever. That just happened months ago. Now, there’s a new rumour claiming that the iPhone 7 could be larger and thicker, all thanks to the optical zooming function Tim Cook is planning to place in.

Though information regarding all the deets of the upcoming iPhone 7 is still scarce, the recent patent, “Mobile Camera System” filed by Apple had some promising rumours in light of the coming up with a two-camera setup on the phone (each set with different focal lengths). Imagine the possibilities when you’re able to capture a shot with optical zooming without ever losing resolution quality, and also the fact that you could record videos at two different speeds. The possibilities are endless; though it may not make you a Cannes award-winner, you’re definitely going to garner even more likes than ever before.

Well, perhaps this patent would rule out the idea of having the phone undergoing a weight-loss regimen? Besides, we’d go for a larger phone rather than a thinner (and more difficult to grip) phone anytime. We’ll just have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us in the coming months.

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