iPhone 7 Plus Is As Explosive As Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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It looks like Apple are copying Samsung and not in a good way. We say this as the iPhone 7 seems to be just as explosive as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Recently a video was uploaded to Twitter showing off the iPhone 7 Plus pluming smoke and the video went viral. Apple has now said that they are looking into the issue with the device.

The iPhone 7 Plus owner shared the Twitter video and now it has been seen more than 2.4 million times and it has been re-Tweeted 28,000 times. The owner bought a rose gold version of the device from Sprint in January and the device set on fire when she was sleeping. Her boyfriend saw it and threw it into the bathroom where it blew up.

She said that the iPhone 7 had made squealing sounds and then started to smoke and at this point the boyfriend threw the handset into the bathroom. Some people have said that the handset may have set on fire due to the liquid filled case it was in but this hasn’t been proven.

But does this make you worried for your iPhone 7?

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