iPhone 7: How Things Will Speed Up

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A while ago, we were talking about how frustrated people have became when they’ve discovered the thinning regimen for the iPhone 7, in which loyal fans even set up an online protest for that to happen. But what if we were to tell you that despite all that criticisms laying about, the iPhone 7 could be the fastest iPhone Apple has ever made?

There’s been a rumour buzzing around the iPhone 7, claiming how the its latest Intel would certainly help in delivering faster wireless speeds, and just simply making a difference. The maximum wifi speed some people get on their iPhone 6 Plus is only approximately 180 (on a 1gbps line). So it’d definitely be a dream come true for those who wish to get that on the 7.

But then again, some brings to question about the true benefits of having faster speeds on the iPhone 7. There are users who think that, assuming most websites or services don’t even take advantage of faster download speeds anymore, there’s no point in getting a phone with faster speed where you literally can’t do much about it.

It’s all a matter of opinion perhaps, and that’s why we’d need some of yours too. Sound off your comments down below.

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