iPhone 7 Has a Design That Disappoints

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The design of the iPhone 7 may end up being something of a disappointment for those waiting for its arrival. We have seen CAD drawings and these reveal that there hasn’t been that much change to the design from the previous version.

The iPhone 7 design means that we are expecting the camera to still protrude from the device. Many people were expecting to see the dual camera system but it looks like this isn’t going to happen either. The battery is thought to be about the same size as on the model that is out at the moment too.

It is looking as though the iPhone 7 may be one of the least impressive releases when it comes to changes. The headphone jack has been removed along with the antenna being hidden but these are not impressive changes.

The iPhone 7 will have a camera that is going to be interesting as we have heard about a curved sensor patent. This might be an improvement over the conventional camera but it certainly isn’t going to offer the excitement that the dual lens would.

So it is looking as though the upgrade to the iPhone 7 isnt going to be anything special and if you own the iPhone 6S Plus it may not be worth making the update at all.