iPhone 7 Design May Be Disappointingly Similar To 6S

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There are many Apple fans who are waiting for the arrival of the iPhone 7 but they may be disappointed with it when it comes out as CAD drawings lead us to believe that it may have a similar design to the 6S.

The camera is going to protrude at the back of the phone and we are hearing that the battery is going to be the same as the one on the iPhone 6S. Rumors had been going around that the handset may have dual cameras, however, this may not happen.

The iPhone 7 could disappoint anyone who is looking for an improved handset. We have heard that the headphone jack might be removed and part of the antenna may be hidden, but these may be the only changes to the design.

We did hear about a camera patent that suggested a curved sensor and this may take place of the rumored dual lens.

Are you waiting for the arrival of the iPhone 7?

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