iPhone 7 Design May Be Disappointing

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The iPhone 7 design may end up being the most disappointing upgrade to have come from Apple. We say this as CAD drawings were shown and they tell us that the design is going to look pretty much the same as that of the device that came before it.

The design of the iPhone 7 is going to mean that the camera is going to be protruding on the back. It was thought that there would be a dual system camera on the handset but now this isn’t expected. The battery on the handset is going to be the same too.

If the above is correct then the iPhone 7 may end up being one of the least impressive upgrades for changes to the phone. The headphone jack is going to be taken away and the antenna should be partially hidden but neither of these are impressive upgrades.

It is thought that the iPhone 7 could have a camera that is going to be interesting though as we have heard about a curved sensor patent. While this could end up being an improvement over the current camera it isn’t going to be quite as exciting as it would if there was a dual lens.

But what do you think? Would you upgrade to the iPhone 7 from the iPhone 6S?